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Crispy veg cutlet recipe | Cook with Budgett

 Crispy Veg Cutlet Recipe  Cook with Budgett - Simply best yet tasty recipes is all set to again amaze you with outstanding recipes quoted as Crispy Vegetable Cutlet also called as veg cutlet is a crisp, tender patty made with the help of a mixture of hearty veggies made out of fresh herbs and breadcrumbs.  This crispy veg cutlet recipe stands as a popular snack in Indian cuisine and there are plenty of ways to make them and enjoy them. These vegan vegetable cutlets are basically pan-fried to keep it healthy and fully nourished, but as you prefer you can shallow it fry. While there are many words to quote what a cutlet is, but let's stick to the Indian and our version of the cutlet. There are both non-vegetarian versions and vegan as well plant-based versions of cutlets in Indian cuisine. In either way, the cutlet is always still found to be breaded and fried. Cook with Budgett recipe is a veggie cutlet that is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans as well. A crispy veg cutlet i

Veg sweet corn soup recipe indian style | Cook with Budgett

Veg sweet corn recipe Indian style 

Photo Courtesy - Vegrecipesofindia

Cook with Budgett - Simply best yet tasty recipes bring out another healthy recipe of Veg sweet corn soup recipe Indian style. Make this easy and delicious sweet corn Indian-style soup to satisfy your soup craving on your taste buds. With just a few simple ingredients this comforting and energizing veg sweet corn soup recipe Indian style will be ready in about 20-30 minutes. Using fresh corn or canned corn also would be fine. Serve hot as the brunch or a light lunch with crusty bread or pasta.

I have very fond and lovely memories related to this soup as I have been making it since I was a teenager. My mom used to cook for me and now that inheritance of making great food passed over me and am gonna prove it without wrong and sharing this recipe with you will be my delight.

This is a unique recipe created in my own style and I have been using it for years without any fail in taste as well. After all, it is my veg sweet corn soup recipe Indian style.

I make my corn soup using sweet corn kernels. For the best flavors to come out only select fresh and ripe corn. You will need to steam the corn on the cob first and then remove the corn from cob to make the soup. The sweet corn should be ripe as well as juicy and should have a vibrant yellow color once gets completely cooked.

Ingredients. Buy with us 

For Steaming Corn

▢1-2 sweet corn cob – large sized

▢1.5 cups water

Other Ingredients to make your Veg sweet corn recipe Indian style 

▢3-4 tablespoons water – for blending corn

▢1.5 tablespoon oil (sunflower oil or olive oil) or butter

▢2-3 tablespoons chopped spring onion whites (scallions) or shallots or onions

▢1-2 teaspoon finely chopped celery – optional

▢Half teaspoon crushed black pepper or add as per taste

▢salt as required

▢1.5 cups water OR 1.5 cups Veg Stock OR ¾ cup warm milk + ¾ cup water

▢Two teaspoons cornstarch (corn flour)

▢Two tablespoons water

For Garnish – Choose Any

▢3 pinches crushed black pepper – optional

▢2-3 tablespoons chopped spring onion greens (scallion greens) – optional

▢One tablespoon finely chopped parsley or coriander (cilantro) – optional

▢One tablespoon finely chopped chives – optional


Steaming Corn

  • I always make this soup with fresh corn cobs as the taste out of them is just incredible and healthy too. But you can use fresh or frozen corn kernels as well as per the convenience. If you plan to use canned corn kernels, then move to the step where the corn is blended into a paste.
  • You have the option of cooking the corn cobs in a pan, A stovetop pressure cooker will also work well. I list here the method of steaming corn in a pot.
  • Heat 1.5 cups water in a saucepan or pressure cooker and let it come to a boil on low-medium heat.
  • Place a steamer pan or rack inside.
  • Halve the corn cob and place them on the steamer pan.
  • Cover the saucepan with the help of a lid and steam the sweet corn cobs for about 9 to 112 minutes from low-medium heat.
  • When completely done with the above-mentioned step, remove the corn cobs with the help of pasta tongs and transfer them into a bowl. Let them become warm or cool at the right temperature.
  • With the help of a knife carefully remove the corn kernels out of the corn cobs. Take out 2-3 tablespoons of corn kernels and set them aside.

Making Sweet Corn Paste

  • In a blender, Now add the remaining steamed corn kernels.
  • Add water and blend it till a smooth paste comes out of it. Set it aside.

Photo Courtesy - Kuchpakrahahai

Making Corn Soup

  • Heat oil in a pan. On low heat sauté the spring onions white ones and celery for approximately about 2-3 minutes.
  • Add the ground and blended sweet corn paste and mix it all well and properly.
  • Next, add water or vegetable stock. Mix it again and allow the soup to come to a boiling point on medium heat.
  • Now add 2-3 tablespoons of corn kernels that were set aside previously. Also, season it with crushed black pepper and salt. Stir and simmer it further for about 3 to 4 minutes on medium heat.
  • Meanwhile, in a medium bowl make a smooth paste or slurry of the cornstarch and water with it.
  • Keeping the heat to a low-medium, add this cornstarch paste to the simmering soup then,
  • As soon as you add cornstarch paste, mix it very quickly or swiftly so that it does not start to thicken up and start forming lumps. Mix it with the entire soup mixture. You can use a wired whisk here to mix the cornstarch paste with soup.
  • Continue to simmer for about 3 to 4 minutes on medium heat until the soup completely thickens up and the cornstarch gets completely cooked.
  • Check the seasonings and adjust if needed according to the requirement.
  • Pour the sweet corn soup into bowls. Garnish with some chopped spring onions greens or parsley or chives. Add a touch of crushed black pepper.
  • Enjoy the soup as or with a piece of garlic bread or crusty bread.


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