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Crispy veg cutlet recipe | Cook with Budgett

 Crispy Veg Cutlet Recipe  Cook with Budgett - Simply best yet tasty recipes is all set to again amaze you with outstanding recipes quoted as Crispy Vegetable Cutlet also called as veg cutlet is a crisp, tender patty made with the help of a mixture of hearty veggies made out of fresh herbs and breadcrumbs.  This crispy veg cutlet recipe stands as a popular snack in Indian cuisine and there are plenty of ways to make them and enjoy them. These vegan vegetable cutlets are basically pan-fried to keep it healthy and fully nourished, but as you prefer you can shallow it fry. While there are many words to quote what a cutlet is, but let's stick to the Indian and our version of the cutlet. There are both non-vegetarian versions and vegan as well plant-based versions of cutlets in Indian cuisine. In either way, the cutlet is always still found to be breaded and fried. Cook with Budgett recipe is a veggie cutlet that is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans as well. A crispy veg cutlet i

Cooker cake recipe | Cook with Budgett

Cooker Cake Recipe

 Soft, light-weight, and spongy which are the traits of an amazing cooker cake recipe it should be! This delicious eggless cooker cake recipe is simply best yet easy recipe and that which Cook with Budgett also believes in and can be prepared in a stove-top pressure cooker. Can be served as a dessert and feel free to frost the sponge cake with any favorite icing of your choice.

About Cooker Cake

Making a basic cake in a pressure cooker is easy right!. This cooker cake recipe is an easy, eggless, and spongy cake recipe with no beating or whipping required.
I have used all-purpose flour (maida) to prepare this cake but, you can also make it with whole wheat flour or atta.


  • 6 to 7-liter stovetop pressure cooker
  • Half cup sea salt
  • Half small baking pan
  • Half small heatproof trivet or stand or rack


  • Dry Ingredients To Be Sifted
  • 1-2 cup all-purpose flour – 130 grams
  • Half teaspoon baking powder

Wet Ingredient

  • 1-2 teaspoon vanilla extract or ½ teaspoon vanilla essence

For The Butter+Condensed Milk Mixture

  • Quarter cup salted butter – 50 grams, you can also use unsalted butter
  • Half cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 3-4 tablespoons sugar
  • Half cup water


  • First, grease up a 5.5 or 6 inches (diameter) and 2.75 inches (height) pan very well with some butter. Keep it aside after that.
  • Place a mixing bowl beneath a sieve. Add all-purpose flour and teaspoon with baking powder into the sieve. Remember that if you are using unsalted butter, you can add a small pinch of salt into the flour. And sift once.
  • Sprinkle up vanilla extract or vanilla essence all over the flour. Optional to add vanilla extract at later part after mixing the batter.
  • Take a 6 to 7-liter pressure cooker. Remove the gasket or rubber ring from the lid. Also remove the vent weight (whistle) up from the lid.
  • Now the turn comes to take the cooker and spread 1-2 cups of sea salt evenly over the bottom in one-two double layers.
  • Don't forget to keep a heat-proof stand or a wired rack over the layer of salt inside the cooker.
  • Begin to heat the cooker on a low-medium flame on a stovetop. Keep the heat to its lowest and preheat for 6 minutes.

Making Batter

  • Meanwhile, after all the preparations in a pan, take up some salted butter with sweetened condensed milk, sugar, and water. I preferably used raw sugar. There's an option to use white sugar as well.
  • Place the pan over the stovetop and heat up this mixture on a low to medium flame.
  • Stir it up with a spatula so that the butter melts. Mix everything very well and finely with the help of a spatula.
  • Let this mixture come down to a gentle simmer on low-medium heat.
  • When this mixture comes to a gentle simmer, then immediately add it in the flour mixture.
  • Then with a wired whisk start mixing with light pressure, so that over mixing does not happen out to be. 
  • While mixing you will come to know that the consistency of the batter and if the batter is going to be thick or too thick. The batter in this recipe is of medium-high inconsistency. 
  • Depending on the quality of flour, you may need to add less or more water. If the batter becomes thick, then do add ¼ cup more hot water. So do keep some hot water handy.
  • Whisk till the smooth batter, but don’t overdone the mixing. If there are left out small or tiny lumps in the batter, its consistency is considered fine.
  • Now the pouring part comes, pour the batter into the pan. Gently shake the pan or tap the sides.

How to Make now Cake recipe in Cooker. Cook with Budgett is there for you.

  • Place the cake pan carefully in the cooker then hold the pan with a pair of tongs.
  • Secure the lid firmly and tightly over the cooker. And yeah do remember to remove the whistle.
  • Cake in cooker recipe on a low-medium flame or sim up, till down the cake turns golden. It took about 40-50 minutes for the cake to bake in the 5-6 liter of pressure cooker in which we made it. 
  • So consider an average time of approximately 35-40 minutes to 50 minutes, varying over the size of the cooker, the size, and the quality of the cake pan with role-playing of the intensity of the flame.
  • The cake can be checked in between by switching off the heat and removing down the lid. Be careful to take care as the cooker will be very hot.
  • The top should be of golden color and when you gonna insert a bamboo skewer into the center of the cooker cake recipe, it should come out to be clean or with a few cake crumbs sticking on the wall of the cooker, with no sticky batter found to be along with it.
  • Remove the cake pan carefully by holding it with a pair of tongs.
  • Now place the cake pan over a wired tray to let it cool down. Let the cake become warm or cool at room temperature. 
  • Then remove the cake gently from the mold. Serve cooker cake warm or at room temperature. If you want, you can also frost the cake with any of the favorite icings of your choice. Refrigerate the remaining leftovers.

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