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Crispy veg cutlet recipe | Cook with Budgett

 Crispy Veg Cutlet Recipe  Cook with Budgett - Simply best yet tasty recipes is all set to again amaze you with outstanding recipes quoted as Crispy Vegetable Cutlet also called as veg cutlet is a crisp, tender patty made with the help of a mixture of hearty veggies made out of fresh herbs and breadcrumbs.  This crispy veg cutlet recipe stands as a popular snack in Indian cuisine and there are plenty of ways to make them and enjoy them. These vegan vegetable cutlets are basically pan-fried to keep it healthy and fully nourished, but as you prefer you can shallow it fry. While there are many words to quote what a cutlet is, but let's stick to the Indian and our version of the cutlet. There are both non-vegetarian versions and vegan as well plant-based versions of cutlets in Indian cuisine. In either way, the cutlet is always still found to be breaded and fried. Cook with Budgett recipe is a veggie cutlet that is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans as well. A crispy veg cutlet i

Bread Roll Recipe Easy | Cook with Budgett

 Bread Roll Recipe Easy 

Cook with Budgett - Simpy best yet tasty recipes love to share another outstanding recipe called as Bread roll recipe easy is a very tasty Indian snack that can be made in a jiffy without any hassle if you have leftover boiled potatoes with you readily available. 

This bread roll recipe of ours especially loved by our fans who are residing in "Goa" can be made for any delicious evening snack or can be as an after-school snack for kids.

This Bread roll easy Indian recipe consists of crispy outside texture encased with a tangy savory potato stuffing inside. The potato stuffing needs to be filled inside the bread slices, rolled, and then deep-fried.
Never mind - If deep frying is not your thing, then you can opt to bake or air fry them as well. They will still be the same and equally delicious and if not found to be very crispy like the deep-fried bread roll.

Cook with Budgett bread rolls recipe easy is considered to be tasty and easy to make at home. When I make the stuffing of the rolls, I usually use the same potato stuffing that I use for my Aloo Paratha.

We prefer a little sourness in the potato stuffing, so I add either dry mango powder or anardana powder (dry pomegranate powder).

Ingredients. Buy with Us

For Cooking Potatoes

▢1.5 to 2 potatoes large sized – 430 grams
▢0.30 teaspoon salt
▢water as per requirement

For Stuffing

▢1-2 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves (cilantro)
▢Half green chili – finely chopped
▢0.15 teaspoon red chili powder
▢0.15 teaspoon crushed black pepper or quarter teaspoon black pepper powder
▢0.15 teaspoon Garam Masala Powder or add according to the requirement
▢0.30 teaspoon cumin powder
▢0.25 to 0.5 teaspoon dry mango powder or add as per taste – dry pomegranate seeds powder can be used instead
▢salt as required

Other Ingredients

▢5 bread slices – brown, multi-grain, or white bread
▢oil for deep frying, as required

Instructions to make your own Bread Roll Recipe Easy

Pressure Cooking Potatoes

  • Rinse the potatoes properly well in the water. Then place them in a 3-4 liter stovetop pressure cooker. Add water in order to ensure that water covers the potatoes. Also, add half a teaspoon of salt. 
  • Pressure cook the potatoes for 6 to 7 whistles on medium-high heat.
  • When the pressure settles down automatically after some time, then only open the lid. After that check the potatoes through a knife, and they should be slid easily through it. Drain all the water and keep aside the potatoes. Let them become settle down according to the room temperature.

Making Potato Stuffing

  • After that peel and grate them in a bowl. You can even mash them with a potato masher or fork.
  • Add chopped coriander leaves and after that some finely chopped green chilies.
  • Now add all the spice powders consisting of red chili powder, black pepper powder, garam masala powder, cumin powder, and dry mango powder.
  • Add salt as per to taste.
  • Mix it all well. Check the taste and add more spice powders, salt, and dry mango powder if it felt to be required.
  • Take a portion of the mixture and make medium rolls of potato filling. Keep in mind that the size of the rolls will depend on the size of the bread.
  • Take the bread slices and slice off the side crusts.
  • Preparing Bread Slices
  • Take a quarter cup of water on a plate or a bowl. Dip one of the bread slices into the water completely.
  • Simply keep the bread in water and remove it after 2 to 3 seconds. Let the bread absorb the water completely. It should get damp but not over completely. Otherwise, the bread slice breaks down into pieces. 
  • The idea is to make the bread moist enough so that it becomes pretty flexible which would make the rolling and shaping easier.
  • Press the bread between your palms so that the excess water gets drained out.
  • Make sure the bread stays intact and does not get broken. So press it gently.
  • Now place the bread on a tray or board or plate.

Making Bread Roll

  • Now the turn comes for placing the prepared potato stuffing roll on one side of the moist bread slice.
  • Gently roll across the bread and join the edges from both ends.
  • Press the edges and seal them completely. Also, press the top and bottom parts and seal them off.
  • You should get a neat bread roll no cracks in bread are also allowed. Also, there should not be any uncovered potato filling because while frying they will leak out into the oil. If there are any uncovered edges, then simply cover with a piece of soaked and drained bread again and press it to get an even cover from all the sides. 
  • Forming the bread roll is not so easy part for beginners and with practice, you will learn.
  • Shape and make bread rolls this way with the remaining bread slices.

Frying Bread Roll

  • Heat any cooking oil for deep frying or shallow frying the bread rolls in a kadhai or pan. When the oil becomes hot till medium level, then sink the bread roll into it. Do not overcrowd the Kadhai.
  •  Add 3 to 4 bread rolls at one time depending on the size of the Kadhai. 
  • The oil has to be moderately hot. If the oil is not hot enough, the moist bread will absorb a lot of oil and then the taste will not be as you expected. If the oil is very hot, the bread will turn brownish quickly and unevenly with uncooked insides, and then it will not look good while presenting to your beloved ones.
  • Fry them till they become crispy enough and light golden in color.
  • Continue to fry it and turn them over as required in order to maintain uniform frying. Fry till they look crispy and golden in color.
  • Then with the help of a spoon remove them draining as much oil as possible in the kadhai or pan.
  • For the last few more steps place kitchen paper towels beneath the fried rolls so that extra oil gets absorbed completely. While still hot serve them. In the same way, fry the rest of the bread rolls.
  • Serve bread roll hot or warm with your favorite accompaniment like tomato sauce or green chutney or cilantro chutney or mint chutney.


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