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Crispy veg cutlet recipe | Cook with Budgett

 Crispy Veg Cutlet Recipe  Cook with Budgett - Simply best yet tasty recipes is all set to again amaze you with outstanding recipes quoted as Crispy Vegetable Cutlet also called as veg cutlet is a crisp, tender patty made with the help of a mixture of hearty veggies made out of fresh herbs and breadcrumbs.  This crispy veg cutlet recipe stands as a popular snack in Indian cuisine and there are plenty of ways to make them and enjoy them. These vegan vegetable cutlets are basically pan-fried to keep it healthy and fully nourished, but as you prefer you can shallow it fry. While there are many words to quote what a cutlet is, but let's stick to the Indian and our version of the cutlet. There are both non-vegetarian versions and vegan as well plant-based versions of cutlets in Indian cuisine. In either way, the cutlet is always still found to be breaded and fried. Cook with Budgett recipe is a veggie cutlet that is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans as well. A crispy veg cutlet i

King of pakoda | bread pakoda - Cook with budgett


Hello everyone again cooks with budgett back with their simply easy yet tasty recipes and today the weather is so nice, and bahut din hogaye the ek aachi si champi ke liye, champi toh bnti hai na phir and my partner in joy is Emami hair oil which consist of precious elements which are good for hairs and make your head light-weight and  

Today we came up with a recipe on bread pakora those golden shimmers,crispy, delightful pakora everyone should try it. So let's get started.


Most basic ingredients we need to make our own bread pakora

These are mostly available in any Indian kitchen as we know what tastes better with which spices

1)  We will start with healthy brown bread as health shouldn't be compromised and brown bread complements good enough after that cut diagonally into slices and kept aside with our mashed potatoes which we prepared in above step.

2) we will as a recommendation like you to be ready with chopped coriander leaves, green chillies in the mashed potatoes to make the pakoras more tasteful which your tongue will never like to forget.

3) Ajwain brings a good aroma and an amazing taste to the dish and its good effect starts coming into play which is easiness in digestion but you can choose to skip it.

4) Aloo Bread Pakoda, we gonna need the star ingridient which is potato filling to stuff inside the bread slices.

And potato the most important indegrient and the boiled ones we will require off. Boil till it gets softened out, mash it up and add to make chatpate aloo.

Now coming on making chatpate aloo for stuffing

Do tablespoons chopped mint leaves

1 to 2 green chillies (finely chopped)

¼ / quarter of teaspoon red chilli powder

¼/ quarter of teaspoon garam masala powder

Half teaspoon amchur powder

Salt as per taste to the mashed potatoes.

Your aloo bread pakoda aloo is ready to fill in between the bread slices now. Come with us and will see how to make now the bread pakoda.

For making besan batter

All our ingredients we use as its the best and we love to share with you as the best will be remembered neither the less nor the more.

  • 1 cup TATA Sampann besan (gram flour)
  • ½ teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain)
  • ¼ teaspoon Everest red chili powder
  • 1 to 2 pinches Everest turmeric powder
  • ¼ teaspoon Everest garam masala powder
  • 1 pinch asafoetida (hing)
  • 1 to 2 pinches baking soda/optional
  • Salt as required

After that add some water and mix it well.

We love to share with you some tasty lines...

Aloo as the snacking we love the most and cook with budgett is always there when best yet easy recipes are remembered off. 

The other name of stuffed Bread Pakoda is also known to be as Sandwich Bread Pakoda as there is a filling which is sandwiched between two slices of bread.

Cook with budgett we call it namelicious as naam itna aacha toh khana mein toh wonderful hoga hi.

To make this delicious snack India ka Apna snack

1) Pour the oil in a pan such that our aloo stuffed bread slices gets completely dipped, and after it once the oil gets heated hot, then heat is must kept at medium-low.

2) The prepared bread slices filled with our chatpate aloo are then dipped into that wonderful, tasty-looking besan batter and dropped carefully with full caution into the hot oil.

3) The bread with utter patience to be fried now from both the sides until it gets a crisp golden brown color.

4) Then those amazing looking Bread slices which now we call bread pakora will be transferred onto a tissue-lined plate.

NOTE - It’s important to take care that the pan is not overcrowded while frying the bread pakodas, as the risk of getting stick together will be high enough and it can ruin the fun of making also.

Serving Suggestions

The bread pakodas taste gets increased when served hot with coriander chutney.

We also suggest to serve your bread pakoda with some tomato ketchup mixed with the coriander chutney.

Leave your comments below how you felt about it and share your recipe story with us .


Cook with Budgett

Cook with Budgett
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